Surprise! Lilacs!

by Michelle Email

Surprise Lilacs!Remember that post about not having a lilac bush and always wanting one with all my heart and just one lilac bush would make my life complete and all? Well apparently I DO have a lilac bush in my back yard. Yeah! No kidding. I had no idea how I could possibly have missed a 6 foot tall flowering lilac bush last year until I was mentioning it in the office at school. My friend Kris over at Playing in the Dirt professed that she TOO had discovered a surprise lilac bush at her house. Another professor confirmed our mounting suspicions but telling us that her lilacs had not bloomed at all last year. So, now I have 2 lilac bushes, one that is fully grown and flowering, and a tiny fledgling one that I can enjoy mothering into a great big sweet smelling privacy hedge.