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There are only five contacts points between you and your bike; two hands, two feet and your arse. While a lot of thought goes into hand and foot comfort through gloves and shoes, your arse can be left a bit neglected. Left with just a pad to protect itself, often for hours on end, no wonder your arse can get a bit downtrodden. However you view your saddle sore, the chances are you want to get rid of it, and fast.
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And that pretty much sucks considering how many of us work desk jobs. So, sitting down all day is bad What can I actually do about it? When this research started circulating, a lot of people decided to start standing up while working. Problem solved. Or so they thought… cue dramatic music. Actually, there's an issue with that approach.
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8 Tips to Avoid a Sore Arse(Ass in the U.S.)

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Before that age, we were all multi-talented bundles of potential. We ran, climbed, learned to read and write, did simple math, made pictures, and built towers out of blocks with our own two hands. We began to stand out from our peers because we excelled at certain skills. And we began to notice that other skills were more difficult for us. It was perfectly natural.

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